“My friendship with Susanna goes back about 20 years. My young daughter studied Suzuki violin with her. I would sit with them through each lesson, taking notes as instructed by Mrs. Brakhman. She taught violin, but she also taught me how to supervise practice sessions. My daughter learned how to hold the violin, how to hold the bow, how to stand correctly, to have the correct posture…all the basics. Not one note was played until everything was in order. Then, when the note came, it was so much more than one note. It was a whole song—different note values, different rhythms, putting different words to the different rhythms, etc. By the time my daughter actually started reading music and playing “for real,” she had a whole education. Clearly, Mrs. Brakhman was a master teacher.

Over the years, I’ve observed her teaching on a higher level, and I’ve been impressed every step of the way. I’ve heard her advanced students, as young as 10, play masterfully. She takes great pride in her students and has very high standards. It shows. While my daughter did not continue her lessons, I maintained the friendship, for which I am so grateful. It’s an honor.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear Susanna perform on several occasions. Incredible and breathtaking are two adjectives that could easily describe her playing. She plays with all her heart and soul. Any performance is taken very seriously and gets tremendous preparation. The audience is always thrilled. Susanna’s interest and studies in the healing arts has added so much to her life and has aided in her ability to help others. It has added a new dimension to her teaching and to her playing.”

~ F.C.

“My daughter Haruka (4 years old) enjoys learning violin from Susanna. Susanna’s a very talented violin player and teacher, and she does an excellent job to encourage her students. As a result, my daughter has started to play the violin very well. My daughter practices at home with me willingly, because with Susanna’s influence, my daughter truly wants to advance in music.”

~ T. Brown

“Susanna Brakhman has been our piano and violin instructor for three years now. She’s been a diligent instructor, and the results are evident in our children’s desire to keep on playing. Her passion for music is completely infectious, and we are lucky to not only call her our music instructor, but also a dear friend.

Mrs. Brakhman employs an effective teaching method to ensure that her students master the fundamentals of form and theory that gradually moves into technique. She has both the experience and foresight to hone in on the particular needs of each student. In addition to being a wonderful instructor, she’s also an extraordinary musician.

We wish her all the best and look forward to our continued partnership.”

~ A. Meyer

“Mrs. Susan Brakhman is a talented violin teacher. When she performs on the violin and piano, it’s not only beautiful to hear, but soothing to the soul. Mrs. Brakhman is also a practitioner of eastern healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu.

When I came to Mrs. Brakhman, I had severe hip pain. Being trained in one aspect of traditional western medicine, I was a bit skeptical. I was wrong. Through Mrs. Brakhman’s non-invasive, gentle touch, she strengthened my hip. I felt relief, and different areas became healthier with every visit. She’s not only a healer, but a teacher, and she generously gives simple techniques to follow for continued healing.

Mrs. Susan Brakhman is a true healer with her calming music and Jin Shin Jyutsu.”

~ Esther V.

Hand exercises for orchestra musicians

“I  was very fortunate to find Susanna Brakhman, and learn about her healing work based on the Japanese Art of healing called Jin Shin Jyutsu. She has a deep knowledge of eastern healing traditions that can help anyone with physical and emotional issues. Our lessons were done via Skype as we live on different continents. We mainly worked on performance anxiety and nervous system issues. I was eager to learn the basics of the Jin Shin Jyutsu system, and once I learned the techniques from Susanna, I applied them regularly.

One of my problems was a nodule at the base of my left ring finger (4th finger for piano players) that I discovered last year. It caused me pain and discomfort. My physician's advice was to have a surgery, and she said that nothing else could be done by other methods. I made an appointment for a second opinion with another surgeon, but was only able to schedule an appointment within a month from the time I called. Thankfully, in the meantime, I discovered the Jin Shin Jyutsu principles taught by Susanna. I immediately started to apply all I have learned with her, with an emphasis on my finger/palm issue. I meticulously performed all of the hands-on energetic exercises as a daily routine.

To my astonishment, by the time I had to go to my appointment, the nodule was almost gone and not visible, nor did it cause any pain and discomfort. I went to my consultation anyway. I explained to the doctor why I was there, and what happened while I was waiting for my  appointment. The young doctor examined the area of the nodule on my palm, even going very deeply into the tissue, yet she could not identify the issue as a medical condition.

I  am very grateful for Susanna's teachings which helped me to heal the  nodule without medical intervention. I am very happy that daily applications of Self-Help Jin Shin Jyutsu healing support my well-being and optimal health. It doesn't take long, but with the discipline you can accomplish wonderful results. I feel very grateful for Susanna's mentoring and coaching and recommend her highly to anyone who needs healing help.”

~ M. Belova (Moscow)

“When my close relative had a serious condition (kidney failure and water in the lungs), I reached out to Susanna Brakhman for help. She instructed me over the phone (as she lives in the USA and I live in Germany) about the methods I could use to help my relative in the hospital. She also instructed me on how to use these methods on a daily basis, and even to perform them a few times a day. I did everything exactly the way Susanna taught me. The results were great! Susanna’s teaching worked!”

~ I. Mintz

“I am a recently retired person who hadn't played her an instrument for about 18 years (and who hadn’t “practiced” for 35+ years while engaged in the study and practice of law). Ms. Brakhman, through her insights into the gestalt of violin playing, was able, in a few months, to prepare me for an audition for an orchestra in Florida, and into which I was accepted as a viola player.

Her emphasis on breathing, bow arm movement and general bow technique, the use of gravity to ground oneself and her relaxation techniques helped to remove the general angst of playing before strangers. I am most grateful to Ms. Brakhman for preparing me so quickly. I very much intend to continue to take lessons with Ms. Brakhman.”

~ Barbara Way - Long Beach, NY