Road to Success

The road to your success all depends on your IDEA’s. As a musician, you have the best goals and highest standards for your performance and career growth. Your IDEA sounds positive, like this:

I  – Intention

D – Desire

E – Expression

A – Ambition


But if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and unhappy with your musical achievements, you may subconsciously have an IDEA with negative feelings. Then, your IDEA sounds like this:

I  – In tension

D – Discomfort, Disquiet

E – Effort

A – Anxiety

Together we can change your unhealthy IDEA into a healthy one, moving you forward physically, mentally, and emotionally so your performances will shine.

Here’s IDEA for you…

I  – Inspiration, Illumination

D – Direction, Devotion

E – Excitement, Excellence

A – Art

The purpose of Music and Breath is to help you let go of harmful IDEAs and embrace confident and passionate performance!

Our Solution

The Four Steps to a Flawless Performance

Music and Breath does not offer a “one size fits all” solution. You are an individual with specific needs and goals. After determining these needs and goals through a personal interview, we then will begin an individualized program (for at least 3 months) incorporating the following four steps:

  1. Determine your specific areas of physical tension, pain, and discomfort that are symptoms of energy stagnation within the body (according to the eastern healing tradition of Jin Shin Jyutsu).
  2. Create a custom program of mind and body exercises that will restore your energy flow to a healthy level.
  3. Improve your posture and balance for efficient practice and performance, preventing unnecessary physical strain and overuse of key muscles.
  4. Address and resolve mental and emotional issues (such as fears and anxieties) that inhibit your performance.

“Teacher opens the door. You enter by yourself.” ~Chinese Proverb