Music and Breath

Create your music with love.

Harmonious Music

“Harmonious music is associated with complete harmony within a person.” ~Pythagoras.

Dear Musicians, You know all about the time, energy, and passion it takes to dedicate your lives to music. The joy that music brings to both players and listeners is certainly worth the blood, sweat and tears that go into a fine performance... [read more]


“The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music. It is important to have the instrument in order.” ~Henry Ward Beecher.

The Music and Breath music career coaching approach was developed by Susanna Brakhman. Susanna is a professional musician, teacher, and performer. She is also a certified practitioner in the Japanese Healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu... [read more]

Private & Group Sessions

”Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the Soul.” ~Plato.

“Music and Breath” therapeutic music coaching is designed for individual sessions, as well as chamber groups of various sizes... [read more]


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Music and Breath

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